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When I received my drivers license at age 16 I signed up for organ donation. I figured I was a young male driver and if I was to be involved in a fatal accident, I wanted to donate my organs to save someone else. Well I was in a couple of accidents but thankfully, nothing major. I never in my wildest dreams ever thought that one day I might be someone in need. I am filled everyday since my transplant with the utmost gratitude of my donor and their family. The act of receiving can only be surpassed by the act of giving. I received a single lung transplant in 2012 and am able to do things I havent been able to do in years. Everyday is a special day, but just being here for anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, sunrises, sunsets, is even better.

It is better to give than to receive

We have all heard this statement but how true it really is! You know the feeling you get when you give someone a gift that they really like? Well, imagine giving the "Gift of Life" to someone. In order to really appreciate that feeling, try to imagine receiving the "Gift of Life" first. Giving life to someone is the ultimate gift!

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