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Rizwana Ramzanali: Gift of 8 Campaign

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After 28 years as an insulin dependent diabetic of which 7 years were spent on dialysis at University Hospital in London Ontario, I received the Gift of Life in August 2004. I received a kidney and pancreas transplant. This Gift not only transformed my life but that of my family's as well. Even though my very cherished Gift came from an unknown donor, I hold my donor and my donor family very close to my heart. Not a days has gone by when I haven't thought of them. Wherever they are and whoever they are, I am forever indebted to them. The legacy of their loved one lives on in me.

By registering as an Organ and Tissue Donor we can save the lives of upto 8 people and enhance the lives of upto 75. Please consider Organ and Tissue Donation. Register today and share your wishes with your loved ones. Simply go to BeADonor.ca. it takes less than 3 minutes to reister. I am a registered donor. You can be too. Together we can make a difference.

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