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Truth be told, I never thought that I would grow old with my wife and see the children grow up. Having them five and six years apart was nice as they were able to grow a little and be off to school when the next was born. My daughter was in grade one, the middle son was in grade seven and the eldest son was in grade ten when I received my first double lung transplant in 1998. Now sitting here in 2015, after receiving a second double lung transplant in 2001, both boys are done school and employed and my daughter just finished her dental hygiene program at Niagara college in August of last year, and is in her field of study. As far as my wife, we were blessed by the fact that she did not have to raise the children by herself.

In the Arms of an Angel

Look at me today...Without the generous decision to donate your loved ones organs, I wouldn't be here today. That decision that was made to donate, I am reminded every day to give thanks to the life I am now able to live. Being able to watch the children grow into adulthood has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I do not walk alone in this life. I have family and friends who watch down on me each day to make sure I am going along. But most importantly, there is someone I don't even know watching down on me to make sure that I live my life to the fullest. Please consider organ donation, talk with your family and let them know that lives can be saved with your Gift of Life.

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