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Ronald Doi: Gift Of 8 Campaign

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My name is Ron Doi and I am a 48 year old man from Niagara Falls, Ontario. I am the father of a wonderful 19 year old daughter and this is my story. My struggles with heart disease are no secret to my family and friends. At the age of 44 my quality of life had deteriorated significantly. I was constantly tired, and having a hard time breathing. Knowing that heart disease ran in my family I decided to get it checked out at my next appointment. I didn't have to wait long, after putting the appointment off over and over a heart attack rushed me to the hospital. It was there that I was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect and my long journey began.


My first surgery was to get an ICD implanted. With the help of my family and friends, the recovery was relatively quick and painless. My second surgery was to fix one of my valves without doing a complete replacement. The next year, the ICD I had failed ( a one in 600000 chance!) and they had to replace it. It was shortly after this that the doctor informed me that my heart had deteriorated so badly, that the surgeries were not nearly as effective that they should be and I was placed on the donor list to receive a new heart. AFTER that one, I received a valve replacement and am currently on the list and still waiting. There are currently 34 people in Ontario waiting for a new heart. I cant even begin to explain the stress this has put on my family and my friends. I'm asking all my friends to register to become organ donors, and change a life even after your gone! I've often said the people in my life have the biggest hearts I know, and truly believe they should share them! Join me on my donor drive! Share the link, tell your friends and sign the card. Together we can do something amazing!

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