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Roshan Perera: Gift Of 8 Campaign

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Let me start by first thanking the donor family, who donated their family members’ lungs to allow me to live! Words of thanks will never be enough for this amazingly family. What I can promise, is that this life that you gave me will never be wasted. Every day my family and I give thanks to the donor family and will away be in our hearts. At the time I received the lungs I only had two weeks to live. Me condition was that bad. The lungs were really a gift of life, without the lungs my children would have grownup without their father. My transplant was done at Toronto General Hosipital. I can’t say enough about the amazing doctors, nurses and staff at this very special hospital! In my opinion they are the best in the world! The support they gave to me and my family, made our journey there so much easier! I received my transplant in 2012. When I heard that lungs had become available, the first reaction I had was sadness for the donor family for their loss. There loss gave my family there father and husband. Life must never be wasted but lived to the fullest!

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One organ and tissue donor can save up to eight lives and enhance as many as seventy-five more. Very few people really realize how important it is to become an organ donor, until it happens to you. I can tell you, my family has learned to appreciate life and family much more with the gift of life. Our hearts go out to the donor family for their loss and we can only promise that their loss will not be wasted.

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