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Sandy Henbest: Gift of 8 Campaign

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My late husband contracted auto-immune hepatitis after being perfectly healthy all his life. He passed away in 2007. There were so few donors at that time that he wasn't sick enough to qualify for a liver transplant - and then he got too sick.

Don't let someone else die because you didn't register.

Register on line now and show that you are a hero. You are never too old or too sick to help. Your donation could help up to 8 people live healthier, longer lives. It's not just your organs (like liver, heart, kidneys, pancreas and lungs) that are needed. Your eyes could help someone else see. Your skin could help a child with horrible burns survive the looming infections that will compromise his or her recovery. Be a hero. Register online today by clicking the button on the right. Email this link to friends and family. Talk about your decision with everyone you know. Someone you love might need you in the future.

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