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SARAH CONNELL: Gift Of 8 Campaign

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Hi my name is Sarah. I've been battling Parsplanitis since I was 7. I had three eye surgeries by the time I was 15. In August 2019 I found myself back on the operating table as I needed another tube implant as my Glaucoma wasn't stabilizing. As a result of my surgery my cornea has became swollen and not responding to medications. On December 18, I was told I would need a cornea transplant. Never in a million years did I ever expect myself to be in need of a transplant, I always expected that it would be my future family having to make the final okay in donating my organs and tissue to those in need. Ive spent alot of time still in disblief I am now in need of a transplant. Ive made the personal decision to have my cornea donated to Medical Research. My journey begins on February 10 to find a donor.

Expect the unexpected

Please consider registering to be an organ and tissue donor.Someday, someone you love might need a transplant like I did.

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