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Sherri Duke: Gift Of 8 Campaign

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Someone gave Gary the gift of life on July 4, 2014 and what better way to honour that gift then to ask our family and friends to please become a donor. Without the selfless act of one special person, Gary might not be with us right now. TYD!!! Please click my link and be someone's hero, you are 5 times more likely to NEED a donor than to BE a donor!!

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Before Gary had his transplant he couldn't even walk 20 feet. Now he walks miles each day. He can play with our grandchildren. He can go with me to walk the dogs. We can visit friends/family without hauling oxygen bottles around. He can have a shower without help. Gary's life has benefited 100%. I am not going to lie, my life has also changed dramatically. I no longer wait for my phone to ring because Gary can't breathe. I will be able to go out and not worry about leaving him at home. We can do things together as a couple that we haven't done in so long. Thank you to the donor and donor family for this incredible gift!!!

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