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Hello everyone, thank you for taking the time to read this little story of mine. I never thought in a million years that I would need any type of transplant, a heart transplant at that. In 2012, a month after I had hip surgery, I started feeling sick, short of breath and couldn't walk 10 feet. Here I thought I had a pulmonary emboli, I was wrong. I was in acute heart failure with a heart function of 17 %. Over the next few years with the help of the cardiologist, we manage to get my heart function above 20%, where I remained for the next 9 years. In Dec 2020, I started having the shortness of breath again, back to the cardiologist I went, to find out that my heart failure was getting worse and needed some interventions done. In April 2021, my heart function was down to 11%. Discussion between the heart failure team and myself happened, they suggested a LVAD (Left ventricular Assist Device) a pump to do the work for my heart until we can get a heart for transplant. I'm currently on the transplant list waiting for the appropriate match for me. This can take weeks to years, which is incredibly upsetting but necessary. Being able to be here, I get to spend more time with family and friends.

Please be an organ donor, register now. You never know, someday, someone you love might need a transplant like I do

I've notice a lot of people on social media arguing about transplant, either to register or not register because of their current medical issues/conditions. I just want to let you know, they have a team that will determine if your organs or good or not. You never know which organ will be selected if your a match. This can make a big difference in someone life. Become an Organ Donor now.

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