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I never thought that I would survive a massive heart attack, have a life saving device put in place to help my heart beat (LVAD) and ultimately receive a heart transplant. All within 2 years. I was born healthy; no heart disease in my family, so this has been a difficult reality for me to accept. I am a mother, a college student, a creative mind, and most importantly a survivor. I fought to live and never gave up. I was given a chance to life with a wonderful device called the left ventricular assist device (LVAD). This bridge to transplant was an amazing opportunity for me and one I will never forget. After two cold calls, a few days after Thanksgiving 2013 I received my gift of life - the perfect heart. Without my donor, I do not believe I would be here today sharing my story with you. Today I am alive. I love my donor and their family. Please register your consent to be an organ and tissue donor.

If you think it won't ever happen to you, then you need to read my story. Register today and let's talk.

Registering to be a donor is a serious reality. Before my life took a turn for the worst I never thought about transplants, although I was a donor and always wanted to give my organs, this just wasn't a major topic in the household. After thinking thoroughly about this reality I have come to realize that when we die, and we all will at some point, why not do right by donating? Want to make a wrong a right? Want to make a difference? Want to be a legacy? Be a donor. Do not let your organs go to waste. beadonor.ca and have this talk with your family today!

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