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I believe that becoming an organ and tissue donor is one of the noblest acts one could perform. And, for the roughly 1,500 Ontarians who are currently waiting for an organ transplant, it could also be a life-saving one. I can't make the world do this with me, but I've done my part. I do, however, want to spread the word, and encourage this amazing opportunity with you, with a small hope that at least ONE person will join hands with me. It's an easy decision today that could, one day, save eight lives and enhance 75 more. In other terms, you can live in 8 bodies after death. This is the life after death, I believe in. It's easy to register your consent to become a donor. You can register right here, right now, in less than a minute, as long as you have your health card. See the link on this page. God bless! #lifeafterdeath #thinkaboutit

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