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I am a live liver transplant recipient . I suffered for a long time with a liver disease called a Primary Scerlosing Cholangitis. The disease changed my status in life dramatically, I went from living to existing. After my liver transplant I felt like I was reborn. I was fortunate enough to have a live donor but not everyone is as lucky as me. During my stay in hospital I seen first hand how many people are suffering and waiting for an organ, it's really sad. Some of them mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and some children. Since my surgery I have been an advocate for organ and tissue donation. I encourage you to register online on this page.

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My experience was very positive and had a very happy ending. I encourage you to register online on this page. There are so many people taken from this world far too soon. Make the time now, don't wait for a tragic story. Be a hero, be a donor.

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