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I've always have lived my life to the fullest despite having a heart that was damaged. Every day has been a challenge and adventure . Over time my heart has had its shares of ups and down. Now it is time that my body requires one. The chance to get a new heart is an opportunity for me to have a life where I can breakdown the barriers that have been holding me back. The ability to give that gift is a mind blowing yet the lost attached to it sometimes get lost. I know when I get a heart I would want to continue that persons legacy and take them on a new adventure. Donating your organs is an opportunity that can save so many lives and new lease on life.

My Medical Story

I was born with the congenital heart disease Tetralogy of Falot. Easily explained there was a hole in my heart and one of my valves was damaged. Had open heart surgery and other surgeries with in the first day of my life. I've had 3 open heart surgeries before I was 10. Due to the stress and wear and tear my heart took I developed arrhythmia issues. The result of the arrhythmia was me receiving an ICD a internal pacemaker defibrillator combo. A couple years ago I got an infection and required my 4th open heart surgery. Next step in my life is a Heart Transplant. Even though it's a scary thought I'm excited for the challenge and the opportunity for a new life!!! Become a Donor and save some lives!!! You never know who you can save!!!

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