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I am currently waiting for a Kidney transplant and three times a week I attend a live saving dialysis treatment at my local hospital. I have been doing this for 10 years. Each year I see more and more people start dialysis then I see individuals receiving transplants and this doesn't have to be the situation. People across Ontario of all ages require transplants. If it was your parent, grandparent, child, husband or wife etc wouldn't you do anything you could to save help extend or save their life? Please sign up to be an organ donor its am amazing opportunity to save up to 8 lives!

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As a society we choose to donate millions of dollars each year in hopes that a cure will be found for multiple diseases. I agree and totally support these actions but it amazes me that we HAVE a solution to assist individuals waiting for a transplant and all you need to do is sign up online to donate your organs. There is no cost, just am amazing opportunity to save 8 lives by providing the gift of life. Only 25 percent of people in Ontario have signed up online and that statistic shocks me! Please help support the 1483 people waiting for a transplant and sign up today or double check to make sure you are registered!

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