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Vincent Spencer Frances Neal: Gift Of 8 Campaign

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I'm proud to be a registered organ donor because donating my remaining healthy organs and tissues in case I pass away could save up to 8 lives. As an uncle, I can't imagine the pain of having to wait for organs for an ill or dying child and not knowing if they might pass before the gift of life saving organs and tissues arrives, taking away the potential for a happy, fulfilling life. After death, you can't bring your body with you anyway, so it makes sence to become an organ and tissue donor to potentially save lives and improve quality of life for up to 75 people. You can check if you are already a doner by looking at the back of your health card. Either way, registering online from "beadonor.ca" ensures that your consent to be a donor will be recorded by Service Canada gov and your personal wishes and donor specifications will be respected and passed on to medical staff, letting them know right away how to treat your remaining organs and tissues for donation. I've decided to spread the word if I can, simply because it is a quick, easy and painless way to save up to 8 lives and improve quality of life for up to 75 more after you are gone. I'm going to set my goal to 83 registrations, the combined number of lives that could be changed by registering as an organ donor. If you registered in highschool at the age of 16, you should still register online to make sure you are in the system and to make sure your specific wishes are respected and recorded. You can even withdraw your consent at anytime. It's truly a risk free way to potentially help save lives.

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