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Wally Speckert: Gift Of 8 Campaign

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I had to wait 25 months for a life-extending double lung transplant from November 2014 to December 2016. I am lucky in that while I was in lousy shape for a human, I was in relatively good shape compared to so many people who desperately need lungs soon, or it will be too late. I was able to survive the 25 months it took before I got lungs. Others I met while waiting were not so lucky. This point was brought home to me when three young ladies with Cystic Fibrosis who should have been in their prime, but instead were waiting in desperate need of lungs in Toronto, did not get lungs in time. These heart-breaking tragedies could have been avoided if we had more Ontarians signed up to be organ donors! Every time I worked out in the physio gym with the others who were awaiting lungs, it grieved me to see so many of them deteriorating. If lungs were available and those waiting on the transplant list get new lungs before their health reaches such a precarious state, their chances of recuperating and thriving with their new organs would be so much better! Yet I know that one Ontarian dies every three days because they did not receive the organ that they needed in time. But we can change these statistics!!

We can fix this! And it costs you nothing but good will, empathy and two minutes of your time!

We are no longer ancient Egyptians! We realize that we do not need our organs once we are dead! Yet your organs can help up to 8 people! In a time of personal loss for a family, the fact that through organ donation so much good can result from a time of sadness and tragedy, helps the healing process. Your love one goes from having been a wonderful person in life, to being a hero for many people in death. All it takes is two minutes to register. Some day you or someone in your family may be depending on a transplant to prolong their life. Call it karma or call it paying it forward, but signing up at BEADONOR.ca is the best way to ensure that all of those in need of organ transplantation will get the organs they need before it’s too late. Thank you!

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