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As a fairly religious man I'd like to quote our prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in saying: "When a human being dies, all of his deeds are terminated except for three types: an ongoing charity, a knowledge from which others continue to benefit, and a righteous child who makes prays for him." I am currently registered as an organ donor, because I believe that even after I pass away, I will continue to benefit other people. My organs can save up to eight lives; lives of people who can live on to do wonderful things. People who's children and families will always keep me in their prayers. And now, while I'm still alive I made it a goal of mine to start and Organ Donor Registration Drive, so that I spread this knowledge to many other people who will one day be life-savers as well. Though many of us believe that organ and tissue donation is a good thing, less than 30% of Ontarians are registered as donors. That number may be even lower depending on where you live. For us in Windsor it is only 26% at the moment. We are #160 in Ontario, let's try to change that. There are about 1,500 people in Ontario who are waiting for a life-saving organ transplant, but they aren't the only ones being affected. Their family members, friends and all those close to them are waiting too. Right along side them. I created this page to encourage all of my family and friends to register their consent to become donors. Please take two minutes and register – you can do it right now, from the link on this page. You can also check to make sure you are registered, if you're not sure. It's a selfless act that could one day save eight lives and enhance 75 more through tissue donation.

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