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Michelle Gillies: Gift Of 8 Campaign

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Organ Donation is important to me and my family because it has given our daughter Natalie a chance to live life! She spent her first 6 months in hospital fighting for her life. Thankfully at 5 and half months old her gift of life came. She is now almost 9 months old and enjoying life outside the hospital, at home with her family!! Words can not even begin to describe how thankful we are for organ donation. Things many people take for granted were huge for us ... taking our daughter outside for example. It wasn't until she recieved her gift that she could go outside.... feel the wind for the first time. We recently got to bring her home.. her first car ride, her first time in her own room, she got to meet her dog. Things we looked upon as a dream became a reality thanks to Organ Donation!


Ever since Natalie recieved her new heart, she hasnt stopped smiling. Smiling because she feels a million times better. Smiling because she now gets to enjoy life with her family. Smiling because someone was selfless enough to make a life saving decision in a tragic time. How ever you need to look at it -- Recycle Yourself -- Your organs are no good to you when you are gone - as my son says "Sharing is Caring" When your time comes, You can be a Hero! Please Register so your wishes are known!

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